Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Name is Thimbelina and I'm addicted to Cookbooks

I've always liked to cook.... which is probably thanks to my Mum who as far as I can remember has always been a great cook. I do tend to get bored with the same old recipes though and love to make new things. I especially love to cook with my Mum and daughter and we recently did some cooking classes together that we really enjoyed.... since they've finished up we've had a few nice dinners together for birthdays and such where we try all new recipes. We often google something and have found a few nice recipes that way but I do really love a nice glossy cookbook.

Hence, my cookbook addiction .... it all started with culling my cookbook collection and getting rid of all the cookbooks that I owned and had never used or had used but wasn't pleased with the results so wouldn't use again. I delivered a great big bag of them to the local St Vincent de Paul centre which made a good bit of room on my shelf. I have since filled what space I made and now have a large stack of them elsewhere as well. I've been choosie with the new books I've purchased and stuck with familiar authors whose recipes I've used before with success.

These are a couple of my new favourites.... and I'm pleased to say that I've used them all with great results.

I'm intending to share a few of my new favourite recipes over the next little while and would welcome hearing about any of your favourites or any suggestions you may have... they don't have to be fancy as I love a good everyday go-to recipe just as much (maybe more).



  1. I'm like you and love cook books too. I've stopped buying them but often go to the library and bring a stack home to read.

  2. yes, i have a few of them too! looking forward to seeing what you make...

  3. Hehehe, I'm only addicted to Thermomix recipes now :) but I still have many other cookbooks xx


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