Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Well it seems it's true what they say about rabbits and how well they breed...... these little guys have been no exception!  I found this Rosalie Quinlan pattern for Quick Easter Bunnies at a recent craft show and I just couldn't stop at the six I wanted to give as gifts.

It all started with this little guy....

 But he was soon joined by a few more

And then more....

And more....

Till there was quite a large bunny family all waiting for new homes...

Some of them I made using scraps from the quilts I made for my nieces and nephew....... I'm sure you'll agree, they're all super cute!!

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter.



  1. They are super-cute! Such a happy bunny family, seems a shame to split them up! Happy Easter!

  2. Love your bunnies, I must find my pattern and have a go at making one or two or three :) Barb.

  3. You know what they say about rabbits! They are just gorgeous.

  4. Que graciosos y que bonitos!! FELICES PASCUAS!!!!


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