Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Show Stuff

Not one to be left out..... Master 11 did some sewing of his own for the show and came how with several first placings himself. He was pretty chuffed.

An apron....made from camo of course!

A pyjama bag with machine applique

A sock frog

A pencil case

He also entered quite a bit of cooking. I especially loved his gingerbread house....
he spent hours on this one & his class certainly enjoyed helping him smash it after the show!



  1. Master 11 is very talented, he did a good job!

  2. He's very talented. Well done!
    Had to laugh when I saw the apron photo - I only just finished some aprons for my kids this week and one of them was from the same fabric :)
    The sock animals are so lovely too.
    Well done for doing an alpaca - it turned out very well!

  3. Well done, very creative :)


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