Friday, October 25, 2013

Minion Cake

Well here we are well into October already.....
I can't believe I haven't put a post on here for 4 whole months.... time sure flies doesn't it?

Since I've got a bit of time this afternoon I'm going to schedule several posts that I should have posted over the last few months.

First on my show & tell list is the minion birthday cake I made for Master 11 back in July - I was pleased with his choice this year as it was a nice easy one to make for a change. I just used the instructions on the Betty Crocker website here, but instead of using the packet cake mix I used my tried and tested butter cake recipe.



  1. this is awesome ,well done Trace.xx

  2. How did you do the silver sugar? It looks brilliant and really want to do this cake for my sons 5th birthday as he absolutely loves the Minions.


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