Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our 18th Anniversary

Look what was waiting for me on my desk at work last Monday morning......
 flowers from Hubby - aren't they lovely!

Since our anniversary was on a Monday this year and we'd only been out to our favourite restaurant two days beforehand to celebrate my Dad's 60th, we decided we would stay home this year instead of having our usual dinner out. Sooo...... Miss 13 conspired with Master 10 (yes... they worked together... I'm still in shock over that!) and they planned to cook us dinner at home instead. They did absolutely everything by themselves from the planning to the shopping and preparing.... we had menus, a waiter and dined alfresco surrounded by fairy lights and candles.... it was just perfect!

Entree' - Chicken and chorizo croquettes with garlic aioli

Main - Spinach and ricotta Chicken wrapped in bacon
and served with garlic sweet potato mash & asparagus

Dessert - Churros with caramel sauce

It was all so delicious and we were blown away by the presentation and quality of food they prepared, especially when they hadn't cooked any of these dishes before.... so proud!



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. I think you may have a couple of Masterchef's there! Your meal looks delicious.

  2. Blown away!!!! What an incredible anniversary dinner - made more special by the fact the children did it.
    Do you think I could borrow them to teach my 23 yr old about doing something nice voluntarily for someone else?
    Congratulations on your 18th Anniversay and congratulation children on a wonderful gift.

  3. Congratulations, lovely flowers and what an amazing meal put together... most impressive.... well done to your two...

  4. Congrats. Wow! Very impressive effort. Hope you got some photos.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! And wow - that dinner they prepared for you was fantastic! I am not sure I could even cook those things LOL

  6. WOW! What an amazing Anniversary Dinner for you both. Congrats on your 18th Anniversary. You've created TWO amazing kids along the way :)


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