Thursday, December 8, 2011

SSCS 2011

I was very excited to receive my Secret Santa Christmas Swap parcel yesterday.....all the way from Sherry in the USA.
Just look at all these parcels...... Sherry has spoilt me rotten!
Boy, I think I'm going to have to get the kids to hide them so I'm not tempted to open them all before Christmas!

Although, I did get to open one straight away..... this cute little ornament, isn't it sweet?

Thanks so much Sherry and to Chooky for doing an amazing job or organising it all once again!

Oh.... and I managed to get my last swap parcel posted off today too! This one is for the Friends in Stitching online group that I'm part of. We had to send one main pressie and five smaller ones to be opened in the days leading up to Christmas..... I wonder who they're heading to, Hmmm??

Until Next time....

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  1. oh lovely ornament from Sherry....enjoy opening that little pile of prezzies........


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