Saturday, July 30, 2011

Much better!

I picked up a little dress for Miss 12 today.... honestly, it looked ridiculous on her being so long and daggy but we thought if it was shortened to tunic length it would look a lot younger and a lot less like a night-shirt. We also removed the really huge and hideous rosette that was stuck to the front of it....I've seen such nice ones in blogland but this one was really awful.... I just wish I'd taken a before shot!

Anyway... this is how it looks now...
and it's roomy enough to where a long-sleeved shirt underneath:

Miss 12 also likes it with a belt:

And with the fabric we cut off the bottom...I was able to make a braided headband using the fantastic tutorial here, by Make it and Love it!

I will definately be making more of these....they're so easy and perfect for Miss 12's curly flyaway hair!

Until next time.....

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