Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day!

I had a wonderful Mothers Day on Sunday..... not only was I totally spoilt by my family but I got to spend a good bit of time with my Mum as well which is something I haven't been able to do much of lately. She has been away for almost four months looking after her own Mum and we've all missed her terribly.

My day started with brekky in bed (pancakes....Mmmm) and was followed by flowers, DVD's and a beautiful silver watch. Master 8 made me a lovely card and a book of vouchers with things like: I promise to be on my best behaviour and I promise to wash the dog (We don't even have a dog....maybe a bit of a hint on Master 8's part....lol). 

So now I can show you what I made my Mum:
Another Skinny Verna table runner only this time using a charm pack of Lily and Will....you can find the recipe on the Moda Bake Shop website.

Mum just loved it (she has been hinting for one of these for a while)........
and it looks great on her big timber dining table.

Until next time....


  1. When can I adopt you? What a lucky mum to get such a 'charming' pressie - sorry about the pun!

  2. What a beautiful table runner!

  3. The tablerunner you made is lovely.

  4. Love that runner! It is gorgeous in Lily & Will.


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