Friday, February 19, 2010

I love Pressies!

I was so excited to receive a "Just Because" pressie in the mail today from my very talented (not in a sewing type of way) sister, Kristy......... she sent me this beautiful fairy drawing which I can't wait to get framed and up on the wall.  Kris has been able to draw beautifully for almost as long as I can remember but seemed to stop for a number of years and has only recently started again (which I'm so glad about)..... head over to her blog "Kristy's Random Haunt" and check our her other creations..... I'm sure she would love to hear your thoughts!
Isn't she lovely??

Until Next Time....


  1. What a gorgeous drawing. Jeanette

  2. No wonder you were excited! The drawing is beautiful! You have a very talented sister!

  3. wow she is pretty talented......I struggle to draw stick people.......

  4. Glad u got her safe and sound, I expect to see frames next time I visit! lol


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